Troy Community National Day of Prayer Observance

Troy-area Interfaith Group, commonly known as TIG, will soon be holding their 9th Annual National Day of Prayer Service at St. Stephens Episcopal Church at 5500 Adams Road in Troy, on Thursday May 2 at 7:00 pm. The theme this year is “Be The Change We Pray to See”. Prayers will be offered from people of many faiths, in their own traditions. There will also be musical offerings that reflect or represent some faiths, as well as songs of unity to be sung together. Proceeds from a goodwill offering are evenly distributed to Troy People Concerned and Rippling Hope.

This tradition of holding a National Day of Prayer Service began in 2005 as one of the first special events offered by TIG. The organization has as its mission statement, “to invite all faith communities to gather, grow and give for the sake of promoting the common values of love, peace and justice among all religions locally & globally. We believe that peace among peoples and nations requires peace among the religions.” In addition to this event, TIG offers opportunities for shared observance of the International Day of Peace and their annual Thanksgiving Celebration.

Additionally, the organization holds monthly meetings, usually on the first Monday of each month, although this year’s June meeting will instead be a tour of the Holocaust Memorial Center on June 2nd. As well, this year the group’s members and friends will be invited to participate in the 2nd Interfaith Workday with Rippling Hope in Detroit in August. To receive more information on this event, for a full schedule of topics, or to be added to the mailing list for future program announcements, write to