The Perry Gresham Lectures

Clergy Spiritual Formation Day

Friday,   September 21, 2012


Theology, Ministry, & Disability

A one-day seminar designed for clergy and church leaders that explores the biblical, theological, and ministry-related challenges presented to the church by persons with disabilities by focusing on two major questions: What ought we to think about disability today and how might the church engage with disability in ways that are more welcoming to and inclusive of all people, especially those with disabilities?

Participants are asked to read Dr. Yong’s book, The Bible, Disability, and the Church: A New Vision of the People of God (Grand Rapids and Cambridge, UK: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 2011). xiii + 161 pp. [Paper ISBN 0802866080), before coming to the seminar.

Registration: $60 ($75 after September 11, 2011). Includes lunch and CTS certificate for continuing education hours

Community Bible Lecture

Saturday, September 22, 2012


The Bible & Disability:

Toward Inclusive Christian Communities

This year’s Perry Gresham lecture to be given by Dr. Amos Yong focus on our  growing awareness as a culture of disability.   Often the church is unaware of ways in which they can be more welcoming of persons with disability whether in their programming, facilities, and conversation.  Dr. Yong, whose younger brother has Down Syndrome, speaks from personal experience and a deep engagement with the Bible, and in this presentation will seek to open our eyes to the way in which the Bible speaks to this issue, so that the church can be a truly welcoming and inclusive as a community of faith.

Participants are encouraged to read his book The Bible, Disability, and the Church, (Eerdmans, 2011) before coming to the presentation.

Registration: $10  – includes lunch