Pastor Paul Elliott, Interim Minister

Hi, I’m Pastor Paul.
I was asked to write about myself for our webpage. You know, I find this very hard to do as we all change in our lives. But here it goes. I am a very loving and caring pastor who sees to all peoples. That means all are welcome to the church no matter what your background is. It also means all are welcome to the Lord’s Table.

I have served six regions of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) so I have been in many areas and served many different people. Oh, and don’t let the gray hair fool you. I think much younger than I look.

My hope is you will find this a home to grow your spirituality and find not only a welcoming hand but one that listens to you all and your needs.
Pastor Paul

Susan Menko, Minister of Spiritual Formation

Susan MenkoSusan Menko has worked in Faith Formation for the past 41 years, starting as a Sunday School teacher in a church in New Hampshire, and progressing until she was Commissioned as the Minister of Faith Formation at Central Woodward Christian Church. Along the way, she received an undergraduate degree in Religious Studies at University of Detroit-Mercy, and a Master’s Certificate in Theological Studies at Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Detroit. Susan currently leads the Children’s Studies, as well as a Sunday Afternoon Adult Study Group.

Penny Brady, Office Manager

Penny Brady joined the CWCC staff in January 2020.  She also serves as Office Manager and Bookkeeper at First Presbyterian Church of Troy, where she has been a member since she was 10 years old when her parents moved the family to Michigan. She is a graduate of Oakland University.  An avid runner, she also enjoys biking, reading and spending time with friends and family.