What Is God Saying to Us? A Sermon for Pentecost 10A (Psalm 85)

Psalm 85:8-13 According to our UCC friends, “God is still speaking.” While I would agree, what is God saying to ...
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Seeing God Face to Face — Sermon for Pentecost 9A (Genesis 32)

Genesis 32:22-31 It’s said that no one can see the face of God and live (Ex 33:20) but there are ...
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Worship Service Video and bulletin for July 12, 2020

We gathered for worship on Sunday July 12, 2020.  The theme was A Word of Joy and Peace,  based on ...
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A Word of Joy and Peace – Sermon for Pentecost 6A (Isaiah 55)

Isaiah 55:10-13 You know the theme song from the Sound of Music: The hills are alive with the sound of ...
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Joint Worship for Pentecost 5A (July 5, 2020) at First Presbyterian Church

On this 4th of July Weekend we partnered with First Presbyterian and Northminister Presbyterian for an outdoor joint service. Pastor ...
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Rejoice, The King Is Coming – Sermon for Pentecost 5A (Zechariah 9)

Note: This sermon was preached at First Presbyterian Church as part of our joint worship service.  Zechariah 9:9-12 Yesterday the ...
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God Hears Ishmael’s Cries – Sermon for Pentecost 3A (Genesis 21)

Marc Chagall, Hagar in the Desert Genesis 21:8-21 Today’s reading from Genesis 21 is fitting since Father’s Day is coinciding ...
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Making Joyful Noise — Sermon for Pentecost 2A (Psalm 100)

Trinity Church, Speyer, Germany Organ pipes Psalm 100 When I was growing up in the Episcopal Church, I regularly encountered  ...
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Who Are These Humans? – Sermon for Trinity Sunday (Psalm 8)

Psalm 8 Trinity Sunday invites us to contemplate the nature of God. Since Disciples are a non-creedal people, we tend ...
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Manifold Works of God – Sermon for Pentecost Sunday (Psalm 104)

Mount Shasta from the north Psalm 104:24-34 “O Lord, how manifold are your works!” Through God’s Wisdom, “all things bright ...
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