Great are the Works of God – A Sermon for Epiphany 4B (Psalm 111)

Psalm 111 “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, who rules all creation. O my soul, worship the wellspring of health ...
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Waiting for the Lord – Sermon for Epiphany 3B (Psalm 62)

Psalm 62:5-12 I must confess that I don’t always place my full trust in God alone. Perhaps like me, you ...
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Come and Follow Me – A Sermon for Epiphany 2B (John 1)

John 1:43-51 It’s been a while but you may remember our congregation-wide study of Martha Grace Reese’s book Unbinding the ...
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You Are the Beloved! Sermon for Baptism of Jesus Sunday (Mark 1)

This Armenian Gospel book was produced in (1455 CE) at the monastery of Gamałiēl in Xizan by the scribe Yohannēs ...
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A Time to Give Praise to God – A Sermon for Christmas 1B (Psalm 148)

Psalm 148 The joyous strains of the angel voices singing praise to God can be heard echoing from the heavens ...
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Christmas Eve Worship Service – 2020

Christmas Eve has come. The service was livestreamed at 3:00 and can now be viewed on both Facebook and YouTube ...
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The Eternal Realm of God – Sermon for Advent 4B (2 Samuel 7)

The Annunciation to Mary, by Fr. George Saget 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16 The angel Gabriel revealed to Mary that God ...
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For the Love of Justice — Sermon for Advent 3B (Isaiah 61)

Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11 We lit the pink candle this morning, which means it’s time to rejoice. This is the message ...
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The Glory of God Is Revealed – Sermon for Advent 2B (Isaiah 40)

John the Baptist, Rosary Basilica, Lourdes Isaiah 40:1-11 Imagine this scene: You’re standing in the heavenly courts when God gets ...
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Lord, Have Mercy — Sermon for Advent 1B (Isaiah 64)

Isaiah 64:1-9 Right now, many of us are praying: “Lord, Have Mercy.” We’re praying for 2020 to end so we ...
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