Saints Alive! Stewardship Campaign

The Annual Stewardship Campaign will begin this month, on October 30th, and end the Sunday before Thanksgiving, November 20th, with the dedication of our commitments. We will celebrate this time of reflection and gratitude with a special fellowship and coffee hour after Worship on October 30th.

As faithful stewards of the ministry and mission we share, we continue to seek ways to live generously in Christ. Everyone is invited to join with the saints at Central Woodward Christian Church on a stewardship journey, as together we explore what it means to live generously.

We will be considering Paul’s advice in First Corinthians, including the context of the following points made by Paul regarding giving with: Priority, Regularity, and Proportionality – Paul does not tell us how much to give, but we are expected to give in proportion to how we have been blessed. This means we need to reassess our giving levels at least once a year and commit ourselves to increase our level every year as we are able. Please remember as we reconsider our commitments, that our time and talents are precious to God and we should consider giving generously of these blessings too!

We also want to consider stories regarding giving in our community and how these gifts amplify our ministry. Please take a few moments this month to reflect on how sharing of God’s blessings has touched your life – directly or indirectly. Have you been enabled to serve the Lord through a certain ministry? Have you been served through a ministry from Central Woodward Christian Church? Do you feel that your stewardship makes a difference in God’s kingdom?

Watch for more information as we begin this exciting time of growth and giving together!

In Christian fellowship,

Dave Heym and the Stewardship Ministry