Perry Gresham Lecture for the Community with Dr. Bruce Epperly

On September 17th, from 9-3, at CWCC, Bruce Epperly will present the 2nd Annual Perry Gresham Bible Lectures:

 Living Acts: Where Mysticism and Mission Meet

This year’s Perry Gresham lecture will be an exploration of Acts of the Apostles as a model for joining action and contemplation, and mysticism and mission.   Acts of the Apostles can be seen as an invitation to share the gospel in a post-modern, pluralistic age, in which Christians share their good news in a wide-open spiritual environment.

We will explore ways in which individuals and congregations can join theology, spiritual practice, evangelism, and social justice in changing their communities and the world.  Participants will integrate theological reflection, quiet time, walking prayer, lectio divina, and mission visioning as a way of deepening their commitment to personal and global transformation.  Participants will learn practices that will enable them to balance social concern and mission with overall wellbeing.  (Saturday, September 17, 9-3).

Registration $15 — includes lunch

Perry Gresham Lectures Brochure