New Books by our August Preachers

This August we will again welcome Sara Barton, Assistant Professor of English and Religion at Rochester College and a regular preacher at CWCC (August 12), and Rubel Shelly, President of Rochester College (August 19), to the pulpit.

Both Sara and Rubel have published new books lately.

Sara’s book is called A Woman Called: Piecing Together the Ministry Puzzle (Leafwood, 2012). In this book Sara tells the story of her call to preach, a calling that her faith tradition found it hard to affirm. That’s one of the reasons why Sara so enjoys coming here to preach. If you’ve enjoyed hearing Sara preach, you’ll want to get a copy of the book.

Rubel has written many books during his lifetime, but his most recent book has an intriguing title: I knew Jesus Before He Was a Christian . . . and I liked Him Better Then (Leafwood 2011). Rubel has been a major voice within the Churches of Christ calling for an end to a rigid sectarianism that led to legalism.

You can purchase the books through our Amazon bookstore by clicking on he titles.