New book on Lord’s Supper

19Pastor Bob has just published a small — 40 pages — book on how our understandings and practices of the Lord Supper or Eucharist developed.

Holy Communion, the Lord’s Supper, or the Eucharist are some of the names used to signify what is arguably the center of our worship as Christians. “Although the Eucharist may stand at the center of Christian worship, there are a great variety of theologies and practices present within the Christian community. For some it is a mere memorial of Jesus’ last supper with his disciples. For others it is the place where one not only encounters Jesus’ spiritual presence, but consumes his true body and true blood under the signs of bread and wine. Although rooted in the practices of the early Christians, time has witnessed considerable evolution, and with evolution comes diversity of practice and belief.” says author, Pastor Bob.

This newest addition to the Topical Line Drives series offers a rich but brief stimulus for us to converse about our differences in theology and practice. It is Dr. Cornwall’s hope that such conversations will increase of our joy in the experience of this sacrament given to us by Jesus Christ.

The book is available through our Amazon book store.