Central Woodward Christian Church’s Ministry of Stewardship provides oversight and administration of the congregation’s financial and material resources.  This includes oversight and management of the church’s budget and income, as well as the ongoing maintenance of its property.

We strongly believe that stewardship is a spiritual practice, that is rooted in the principle that we should be good stewards of God’s gracious gifts, giving cheerfully and without compulsion (2 Corinthians 9:6ff) as a way of giving thanks to God. Having been entrusted with these gifts — including the property of the church — we seek to be wise and efficient stewards of these gifts.

As a ministry group, we also oversee the annual stewardship campaign, which provides the resources for the  various ministries of the church — both internal and external.
Additional programming is currently being explored, and we seek to encourage positive attitudes toward the stewardship time, talent, treasure and terrain. Stewardship of terrain is a relatively new concept in which we adopt “greener” practices to take care of our natural resources, and also share our physical land or property.
We extend an open invitation to anyone interested in exploring or participating in the dynamic and fulfilling Ministry of Stewardship to attend a monthly meeting or to contact the current Director of Stewardship through the office. Please check our Calendar for dates and times.
Below are links and resources that might help you become stewards of God’s grace: