Listening Campaign

CWCC Listening Campaign

How well do you know the people in this church?  Why are you part of this congregation?   Why did you choose this place, especially if you drive some distance to get here?   What concerns do you have about your community?  These are the kinds of questions that we will be exploring through a six week Listening Campaign that starts with a commissioning of the Listening Team on June 3 and then runs for six weeks, ending June 3 and ends June 15th.

During this six week period the Listening Team, all of whom have gone through one of the trainings offered by the Metropolitan Coalition of Congregations, will be making appointments with assigned persons from the congregation (both members and regular attenders) for a thirty-minute intentional conversation.  These are called “one-on-one’s” and are the foundation of community organizing.  The Listening Team member is there not to talk about themselves, but to learn about their conversation partner – who they are, why they’re part of CWCC, and what concerns they have for their community.

CWCC isn’t doing this alone.  Twenty other congregations from across suburban Detroit, all of whom are part of the Metro Coalition of Congregations, will be participating in this effort (including two of our ministry partner churches – CCB and Northminster Presbyterian Church).  When the campaign is finished the team members will re-gather to share their findings.  Then, on August 5th, at a site to be determined, the congregations will gather together for an Issues Convention.  At this convention, to which political and community leaders will be invited, we will share our findings.  We hope to discern two to three issues that the Coalition can work together on to further the common good of the community.

The Metropolitan Coalition of Congregations is a new organization that was launched by the Harriet Tubman Center for the Recruitment and Development of Community Organizers.  The Tubman Center assigned Luke Allen to begin organizing clergy and congregations from across the Detroit suburbs to join together to work on important issues facing the community.  Among the first persons contacted was our own pastor, Bob Cornwall, one of the founding members of the organization.  For more about the Tubman Center and the MCC check out their website —