Evolution Sunday – February 8, 2015

CWCC will join hundreds of congregations in observing Evolution Sunday on February 8th. For the past decade faith communities have been observing Evolution Weekend/Sunday on the weekend closest to the birthday of Charles Darwin.  The observance was launched in 2006 as part of the Clergy Letter Project.  This project was founded by Dr. Michael Zimmerman, a science educator, who sought the support of clergy in response to attempts to remove the teaching of evolutionary theory from science standards across the nation.  Pastor Bob was among the original signers of that letter, which declared that one could embrace the teaching of evolution and be a person of faith.  Participants believe that it is important to speak out against the so-called war between faith and science.  The sermon on the 8th will focus on the “Wisdom of Creation.”  For more on the question of faith and science one can read Pastor Bob’s book Worshiping with Charles Darwin, (Energion, 2013).