CWCC Peace Pole Planting and TIG International Day of Peace Observance

Central Woodward Christian Church, along with Troy-area Interfaith Group (TIG), is observing International Day of Peace on Sunday, Sept 21 at 1:30-2:45 PM by “planting” our new Peace Pole.

Peace Poles were first planted in Japan in 1955 and spread to other parts of the world beginning in the 1980s. They are designed to witness to the call to peace and can be found in parks, public spaces, and at many faith communities. Ours is the first of its kind — being rainbow colored. The message of peace is presented in English and seven other languages. This has been a project of the Worship Committee.

So join with TIG in planting our Peace Pole by sharing prayers and readings about peace from many faith traditions. We will also create our own statements of commitment to peace. As always, we will also share fellowship time with snacks.