Church Fire Drill! — May 18th

What would happen if there was a fire in the church – how would we respond? The Risk Management Task Force asked that question, and at the urging of Sgt. Andy Breidenich of the Troy Police Department, emergency response plans are under development. The first test will be a fire drill.

On Sunday morning, May 18th, after the Benediction and in place of a postlude, we will hold a fire drill. The goal is to quickly and safely evacuate the building, including the kitchen area, education area, and the bathrooms, while calling the fire department. After we have worked out this plan, tested it in the drill, then we will begin work on a similar plans for tornadoes and active shooters. We hope that we’ll never need to use the evacuation plans, but it is better to have a plan, test it, and be ready than to take our chances. The plan depends on the Deacons, Educators, and Staff being informed and able to lead the evacuation. Success depends on our willingness to help each other. It also depends on being aware of who is in the building. In this case, we are the keepers of our brothers and sisters.

When we hear that the situation is cleared up, and everyone is accounted for, we’ll return to the Fellowship Hall for festivities.