Brett Cornwall Goes to Seminary — Commissioning

No, Brett doesn’t plan on becoming a pastor. Yes, Brett is going to seminary. In fact, Brett already has one semester under his belt (online classes). Brett is embarking on a two year long MA program in religion, focusing on Muslim/ Christian relationships. He will write a thesis focusing on the policies of the Ottoman Empire toward minority religions during the 19th century. Brett is studying at Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, CA. As a CST Disciples student, Brett is part of the Disciples Seminary Foundation community. DSF provides scholarship support and a strong Disciples community. DSF students have been recipients of the Jones Scholarship in recent years. It should be noted that two-thirds of Disciples seminarians have a relationship with DSF (DSF partners with CST, Pacific School of Religion, San Francisco Theological Seminary, and Seattle School of Ministry), so he is in good company.

There will be an opportunity to commission Brett on this path during the service on August 5, along with a special coffee hour. We would like to take note that Brett has been the primary sound technician for the church for the past ten years. Though often quiet, Brett has been a consistent presence. During the spring, Brett also helped lead the Wednesday Bible Study, leadership that was well received. Once we get Brett’s address we will post it and the rest of his contact information in teh AveNews and in the new directory. Though the commissioning will take place on August 5, he and his father won’t be heading west until August 12. School starts on September 4, so keep him in prayer!