Begin Holy Week in the Tradition of Taizé

Expand your heart to welcome God with singing, prayer and silence.

Palm Sunday, March 24, 2013 at 7:00 pm.
Northminster Presbyterian Church,
3633 W. Big Beaver Ave, Troy, 48084.

Northminster Presbyterian Church has invited CWCC members and friends to join them for this Palm Sunday service in a style similar to the earlier Ash Wednesday service.

Worship includes:

Singing with piano, soloists and instruments. The songs of Taizé are simple phrases, quickly grasped by the mind and embraced by one’s whole being.Silence in communion with others. After hearing a reading, the extended silence is a time to be with God and listen. Prayers for the church, the world, others and ourselves. These are simple sentence prayers of affirmation and petition offered silently and aloud.

All people, regardless of faith background, age, or sexual orientation are welcome. Dress is casual. Come as you are and bring a friend